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Memorabilia: Revistas / Magazines / Fanzines (74) - VITAL #17

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, by Frans de Waard (entrevista)
Record Reviews:
   Horatiu Radulescu - Clepsydra, Astray - LP
   Robert Ashley - Yellow Man With Heart With Wings - CD
   Arrhythmia - CD compilation
   Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock - Stuhlgangblockade N! - LP
   A Bead To A Small Mouth - LP compilation
   Contrastate - A Thousand Badgers In Labour - LP
   Greater Than One - Trust - LP
   PGR / Arcane Device - Fetish - CD
   C-Schulz - 10. Hose Horn - LP
Book Reviews:
   Tom Johnson - The Voice Of The New Music (book published by Het Apollohuis)
   Sound by Artists (book published by Art Metropole)
Event Review:
   Earshot, by Frans De Waard

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