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Memorabilia: Revistas / Magazines / Fanzines (77) - VITAL #20

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   Chop Shop
, by Peter Duimelinks
Record Reviews:
   Sigillum S. - Hallucinated Moisture Of Synaptic Slaughterhouse - LP
   Mauro Teho Teardo feat. Nurse With Wound And Ramleh - Caught From Behind - LP
   Asmus Tietchens - Sikende Schwimmer - Cd
   dROME / Another Headache - 7"
   Hartmut Geerken - Kein Roter Faa, Denn Die Worte Sind Niemals Gefallen - CD
   Er Ist Tief, Und Dein Wasser Ist Dunkeler - LP
   Small Cruel Party - Urgent Tube - 10"
   Small Cruel Party - Do You Believe In a Pencil - CD
   Phill Niblock - Four Full Flutes - CD
   Daniel Scheidt - Action Reaction - CD
   Cole Gagne - Sonic Transports - book released by de FALCO books
   A Look At Magazines, by Frans de Waard
Label Spot:
   BV HAAST - Holland
Tape Reviews, by Frans de Waard

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