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Memorabilia: Revistas / Magazines / Fanzines (84) - VITAL #27

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VITAL 27 (8 pages + Supplement of 16 pages)
   David Behrman
   SPH - Portuguese label -, by Frans de Waard
   Tim Brady - Imaginary Guitars - CD
   Compromize and RLW - Acht and Merzbow/Achim Wollscheid - Eleven Live Collaborations - 3xCD
   David Behrman - Unforeseen Events - CD
   Horizon 222 - Through The Round Window - CD
   Rapoon - Dream Circle - CD
   Illusion of Safety - Probe - CD
   PBK - Macrophage / The Toil And The Reap - CD
   Roger Reynolds - Personae / The Vanity of Words / Variations - CD
   Tellus Nr.25 and Nr.26 - Cds
   The Tape-Beatles - The Grand Delusion - C30
   Asmus Tietchens - Notturno - CD
   Asmus Tietchens - Daseinsverfehlung - CD
TV Set Worm:
   Martin Arnold - Piece Touches (16mm b/w, 16')
   Ian Andrews - The Harm Machine (U Matic, col, 9'), Deathless (16mm, col, 6'40)
supplement (artigos de fundo/opinião)
   Editorial, by Ios Smolders and Anton Viergever
   now let's see... What If I Press This Button...?, by Ios Smolders
   Who Are The Underground
   no canvas, no paint, no rhythm, no text, no instruments, - audio art., by Rod Summers/VEC
   Noise Culture, by Lutz Schridde
   The (Anti) Copyright Discussion, part 4 (the final? part), by Anto Viergever
   Plagiarism Should Not Be Discussed In This Magazine, by Ios Smolders

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