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Memorabilia: Revistas / Magazines / Fanzines (100) - Goldrush 2012 - Festival Zine

Goldrush 2012
Festival Zine

Goldrush Music Festival 2012
September 21 & 22
Deer Pile
Denver, CO

Limited Edition zine written and edited by Tome to the Weather Machine
o meu é o 5/200

32 páginas - A5 - papel tipo cartolina -

Friday, September 21
Echo Beds (Denver, CO)
Former Selves (Oakland, CA)
Kevin Costner Suicide Pact (Denver, CO)
Outlands (Blacksburg, VA)
StaG (Boulder, CO)
Barn Owl (San Francisco, CA)

Saturday, September 22
Breakfastes  ((Denver, CO)
Kick Majestic Ft. Collins, CO)
M. Sage (Ft. Collins, CO)
Radere (Boulder, CO)
Vyxor (Los Angeles, CA)
Alphabets (Denver, CO)
Discoverer (Kansas City, MO)
Aloonnaluna (San Francisco, CA)
Panabrite (Seattle, WA)
Ttotals (Nashville, TN)
Caddywhompus (New Orleans, LA)

Some Labels:
Digitalis Industries
Field Hymns
Crash Symbols
Patient Sounds
Tranquility Tapes
Tape Drift
the above are the ones I know. There many others... Find them on bandcamp!!!

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