A minha Buddha Machine


2ª Edição
Anterior a 2014, já não lembro a data da compra e edição
Uma beleza!

Crepúsculo Dos Deuses - Programa Nº 362 - Especial "Sol Invictus"

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Moolakii Club : Printed Media (fanzines) (cassette culture)


Label zine for Wirral based Moolakii Club Audio Interface

Peripheral and underground downtempo electronica on cassette CD download

MCPM007 July/August - 2023 : Episode 7 - TWGX £2

New Releases

On the Horizon

Interviews (TWGX)


Cover Tracks

ther Bits and Bobs

Fanzine - A Cores, com 12 páginas, papel 80gr, A5 + Autocolante da editora + cartão + Cassette --> tudo £2

Moolakii Club Printed Media - Episode 7 : TWGX
Book/Magazine + Digital Album
package image package image
Monthly printed update on the Moolakii Club Audio Interface label and our artists

Full colour DIY magazine with Ltd brown cassette / Ltd white CD

Cover tracks include Ogle random doodles tracks and sounds/texture tracks from Liverpool group TWGX (now Gneiss)

Purchase includes PDF version + posted physical

Unreleased exclusive tracks from Italian modular synth artist Ogle and Liverpool ambient shoegaze outfit TWGX
plus interview with TWGX regarding their current release Separate Slowly on the label and other news and stuff

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