MOONBUILDING - The Summer Collection 2022 (fanzine | issue #1)


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A Castles In Space publication Starring…


Woodford Halse

Imperfect Stranger

Richard Norris

Lavender Sweep

Alex Paterson

Captain Star

+ more



Thanks for Coming, grab a chair, we´ll be starting in a few minutes


OK. If we can settle down at the back, it looks like we’re ready. If there’s any questions you’ll find me at the tea and biscuits table afterwards.

Ever since I bought my first issue of Smash Hits, the music press has been a huge part of my life. Over the years, I’ve worked for some iconic titles, including Muzik, Melody Maker and NME.

Until recently I worked at Electronic Sound where it seems I accidentally created a scene. I didn’t give it a name, or draw attention to it, but there on the pages each issue was a smorgasbord of independent DIY record labels run from kitchen tables, releasing music by independent DIY artists made on their kitchen tables.

We’re talking about the likes of Ghost Box, Castles In Space, Burning Witches, A Year In The Country, Spun Out Of Control, Clay Pipe, Woodford Halse, DiN and many more who covered everything from field recordings and experimental mayhem to Berlin Schoolisms and post-rave bangers. The releases were lovingly put together and beautifully presented with great artwork. It felt like the early 80s all over again, a time when I was filling up on new-fangled labels like 4AD, Small Wonder, Rough Trade, Mute, New Hormones, Cherry Red, Factory, Fast Product, Creation…

The idea for Moonbuilding has been brewing for a little while. Yeah, I know, I could’ve just started a blog, but I figured this scene I’ve been writing about for years kind of needed a publication that shares its own DIY ethos. So here it is, just me, doing this from my kitchen table.

You will have noticed that Moonbuilding is a Castles In Space publication, but that doesn´t mean it’s all about CiS releases. Think of it like a label putting out a magazine instead of an album. Makes sense to us. Hope it chimes with you.

So that’s the plan. Let’s crack on. Tea and biscuits anyone?




P6-23 New and upcoming releases

Dean Honer And Kevin Pearce, Field Lines Cartographer, The Hardy Tree, The Home Current, Regal Worm, Pye Corner Audio, Howlround, Concretism, Band Of Cloud, Imperfect Stranger, The Incidental Crack, Isvisible Isinvisible, XAM Duo, Labels We Love: Woodford Halse, and a release round-up


P24-31 One great interview

Dean Honer opens the door to his Sheffield studio for a free-ranging chat that includes how Depeche Mode changed his life, Philip Oakley’s dog walking exploits, saying no to Madonna, and we even talk about his new album, “The Sound Of Science”.


P32-48 All the other stuff

A Dean Honer-free zone. Richard Norris atlks Strange things Are Happening mag, Lavender Sweep’s world record attempt, Alex Paterson’s West Norwood Bugle. There’s a first time for everything, some other bits and bobs, oh and the very welcome return of Steven Appleby’s legendary Captain Star.



Issue One: Summer 2022

Almost everything: Neil Mason

@moonbuildingmag – moonbuildingmag@gmail.com

Everything else: Colin Morrison

@castlesinspace – hello@castlesinspace.com

Cover illustration/cover feature design: Nick Taylor

@nicktee_art – spectral-studio.co.uk

100 thank yous… Spencer Robinson (premier-printers.co.uk), David Blatner (63p.com), Finlay Milligan, Ambulance 3-13, Kevin Foakes (openminddesign.uk), Steven Appleby, Alex Paterson. Big love to Tracey, Olive, Luke and the other Alex.

Typeset in Chaparral Pro, Sunflower and assorted printing sets.

A Castles In Space publication

© Moonbuildin 2022



WERRA FOXMA - (fanzine | issue #2)


Tal como referimos em post anterior, também Frazer Brown (músico dos Dohnavùr, entre outros projectos), patrão da editora Werra Foxma, seguiu as pisadas de Colin Morrison, dono da editora Castles in Space, e lançou um magazine. Neste momento ambos têm dois números lançados, mas o sucesso foi tão grande que não há o perigo da descontinuação, antes pelo contrário. Enquanto Moon building tem o formato A5 e é feito com papel reciclado (?) grosso/pesado, o Werra Foxma apresenta o formato A4 e papel brilhante. Ambos são totalmente a cores e os artigos excelentes, ambos fazendo parte da mesma vaga de electrónica que nos leva ao início dos anos 80 (synth-pop, post-punk, droning, field recordings, experimentalismos vários), mas com o toque actual bem fácil de notar. Excelente!


Aqui fica a apresentação do número 2.



Frazer Brown – Founder // socials


Hazel Brown – Founder // design // logistics


Alasdair O’May – A&R


Steven Anderson – Press & PR



WFR Graphics Wing

Kate Bosworth


Stephen Osborne



WFR Atlantic Distribution

Ben Vance


Salvatore Mercatante



General enquiries:






PR/mailing list enquiries








Werra Foxma Records

11 Anderson Avenue


West Lothian


EH48 3JY




Hello everyone.


Welcome to issue 2! Thank you to everyone who picked up our introductory issue, whether it was a standalone purchase or as part of the SubClub. We have had some lovely feedback from some of you amazing people; please keep your comments coming in. Remember, we want feedback on how we can improve things for you going forward, so don’t be shy on the comms – all feedback is welcome.


There’s loads to cover in issue 2. Our cover artist this time round is the amazing Salvatore Mercatante, and we pick his brains on his rich electronic music background, and also dive into SM Synthesis, his upcoming album on WFR, due out in the spring.


We bring you exciting details about FoxFest our inaugural online festival featuring live streaming performances from artists on the WFR roster and beyond. Proceeds from FoxFest will be donated to help the Ukrainian Crisis, and will build on the funds raised by our action of Scanner’s La Fenêtre Magique test pressing. The lineup is exceptional, and features live sets from Dohnavùr, Scanner, Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan, Thomas Ragsdale, Eonlake, Letters From Mouse and more.


We hope you have enjoyed the first 3 SubClub albums! WE were served up a trio of amazing LP’s from Chris Prine, Glinca and Fields of Few. Again, the feedback from these releases was extremely positive. In This issue, we give you the lowdown on the next set of albums for the SubClub. As we transition from spring into summer, we introduce Greece’s Onepointwo, the UK’s Synthetic Villains, and Missouri’s Oceanographer. We hope you enjoy these offerings as much as you enjoyed the first set of SubClub releases. We absolutely love them!


This issue also brings a host of new multi-page artist features, Electronic Music Open Mic founder Martin Christie shares his thoughts on the thriving EMOM scene, Manchester’s Apta lifts the lid on an epic last 12 months, including reflecting on his amazing Echoes LP, and West Lothian supergroup Raven Musen (consisting of Letters From Mouse and yours truly) walk you through our new album, Peppermint Soldier, track by track.


We are also grateful for a peek underneath the hood of the creative processes of two incredible artists: Elizabeth Crompton and Thomas Ragsdale, who share some equipment and production techniques that help them shape their unique and beguiling sounds. By way of lookahead, both Elizabeth and Thomas will have extensive features in issue 3 as we prepare for their forthcoming albums on WFR. And we are also grateful to Steve Hadfield for providing analysis on some of his favourite albums in his collection.


We also thought that it was worth sharing some of the social media comments, and pictures of you proudly showing off your Werra Foxma releases. Every time you do this, it makes our hearts sing, and we appreciate your Willingness to spread the good word about your additions to your collection.


Enjoy, and take care,






4             Twitter @werrafoxma

5             Forthcoming on WFR

6             Reflection

7             The Troika with Steve Hadfield

8             Ukrainian Crisis Appeal


10           WFR SubClub – April to June

14           Cover Artist – Salvatore Mercatante


18           Martin Christie // Electronic Music Open Mic scene

22           Apta

26           Raven Musen


28           The Process // Elizabeth Crompton

30           The Process // Thomas Ragsdale


Mais uma "Lista do FM" - desta vez... "Pós-Punk e..."

#118 - "Pós-punk Lista (FM)"

Fernando Magalhães

24.06.2002 160406

Pós-Punk e... 

Os discos que a seguir se apresentam são, essencialmente, derivações ou reacções à atitude e/ou estética punk. Entre o rock industrial e a coldwave, o art-rock e a electropop. Alguma desta música nasce historicamente do punk. Outra já vem de trás mas relaciona-se historicamente com ele. Em comum têm a recusa do primarismo e a vontade de propor novos caminhos, sejam eles tão niilistas como a “industrial music” ou apostados no resurgimento da complexidade e onirismo do Progressivo. Até mesmo na ressurreição da pop clássica dos anos 60 (caso dos Monochrome Set) ou do rock (Anthony Moore) Depois, entre 1978 e 1980, a electrónica e as máquinas ganharam espaço de manobra, a temperatura baixou. Mais cérebro e menos coração...Coisas terríveis surgiram, outras simplesmente coincidentes com o espírito da época. Outras ainda namorando descaradamente o desconhecido que ainda hoje não tem nome. 

ANTHONY MOORE: Flying doesn’t Help (1979) 

ART BEARS: Hopes and Fears (1978) 

Winter Songs (1979) 

ART ZOYD: Musique pour l’Odyssée (1979) 

BRIAN ENO: Before and After Science (1977) 

CABARET VOLTAIRE: Mix-up (1979) 

Voice of America (1980) 

CHROME – Half Machine Lip Moves (1978) 

Red Exposure (1980) 

CLUSTER & ENO: Cluster & Eno (1977) 

CONRAD SCHNITZLER: Blue Glow (1979) 

CONVENTUM: A L’Affut d’un Complot (1977) 

Le Bureau Central des Utopies (1979) 

DAEVID ALLEN: Opium for the People (1978) 

DAVID BOWIE: Low (1977) 

Heroes (1978) 

Lodger (1979) 

DEVO: Q: Are we not Men? We are Devo! (1978) 

Duty now for the Future (1979) 

ENO, MOEBIUS, ROEDELIUS: After the Heat (1978) 

ESKATON: 4 Visions (1979) 

ETRON FOU LELOUBLAN: Batelages (1977) 

FAD GADGET: Incontinent 

Under the Flag 

THE FLYING LIZARDS: The Flying Lizards (1980) 

GLENN BRANCA - The Ascension (1981) 

HELDON: Un Rêve sans Conséquence Spécial (1976) 

Interface (1977) 

Stand by (19799 

HENRY COW: Western Culture (1979) 

HUMAN LEAGUE (THE) – Reproduction (1979) 

Travelogue (1980) 

IGGY POP: The Idiot (1977) 

KRAFTWERK: Trans Europe Express (1977) 

The Man Machine (1978) 

LEGENDARY PINK DOTS: Island of Jewels 

L. VOAG: The Way out (1979) 

MARTIN REV - Martin Rev (1980) 

MOEBIUS & PLANK - Rastakraut Pasta (1980) 

- Material (1981) 

MONOCHROME SET (THE) - Strange Boutique (1980) 

- Love Zombies (1980) 

- Eligible Bachelors (1982) 

NEGATIVLAND - Negativland (1980) 

Points (1981) 

NEW YORK GONG : About Time (1979) 

PERE UBU – The Modern Dance (1978) 

Dub Housing (1978) 

New Picnic Time (1979) 

The Art of Walking (1980) 

PETER HAMMILL – The Future now (1978) 

PH7 (1979) 

A Black Box (1980) 

THE RESIDENTS: Not Available (1978) 

Fingerprince (1979) 

Eskimo (1979) 

RICHARD PINHAS – Rhizosphère (1977) 

Chronolyse (1978) 

Iceland (1979) 

ROBERT FRIPP: Exposure (1979) 

SNAKEFINGER - Greener Postures (1980) 

SUICIDE: Suicide (1977) 

Alan Vega – Martin Rev – Suicide (1980) 

TALKING HEADS – More Songs about Buildings and Food (1978) 

Fear of Music (1979) 

TELEX: Neurovision 

THIS HEAT – This Heat (1979) 

Deceit (1981) 


TUXEDOMOON - Half-Mute (1980) 

- Desire (1981) 

UNIVERS ZERO: Hérésie (1979) 

Ceux du Dehors (1980) 

URBAN SAX: Urban Sax (1977) 

VAN DER GRAAF: The Quiet Zone/The Pleasure Dome (1977) 

WALL OF VOODOO: Dark Continent 

Call of the West 

ZNR: Barricade 3 (1977) 

Traite de Mécanique Populaire (1979) 


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